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LED lawn lights

key word:

LED wall lights

  • Product name: DS-CP9021 LED lawn lights


    Easy installation: LED lawn lights are easy to install. No complicated electrical engineering is required. They can be directly inserted into the ground and fixed, which is flexible and convenient.

    Cast aluminum shell: The shell of LED lawn lights is made of high-quality cast aluminum, which is sturdy and durable, has good heat dissipation performance, and can ensure stable lighting effects for a long time.

    Environmentally friendly and energy-saving: LED lawn lights use LED light sources, which are energy-saving and environmentally friendly, have no ultraviolet rays, no radiation, and are harmless to the human body. They are a green and environmentally friendly lighting choice.

    Product specifications:

    Material: cast aluminum

    Light source: LED lamp beads

    Light color: white light, warm light optional

    Power: Varies based on specific model

    Size: Varies according to different product models

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