LED wall lights,


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The product range is wide, the quality is good, the price is reasonable, the design is fashionable, and it is widely used in commercial lighting, home lighting and other industries


How to carry out lighting design for different functional space decoration in indoor lighting design?

What are the tips for choosing living room chandeliers? For the decoration of the living room, the shadow of its chandeliers cannot be ignored. But now there are many types of living room chandeliers, how should we choose them?


What are the installation precautions for suspended ceiling downlights?

What is the best material for the living room ceiling? The living room is the face of a home, so the decoration of every part of the living room is very important. There are many materials for the decoration of the living room ceiling, including gypsum board, PVC board


What are the characteristics and uses of down lights and spotlights?

Recommendation: In recent years, the country has vigorously implemented the development of the LED lighting industry, which has brought a new round of development opportunities for related industries such as LED downlights. From the perspective of the entire industry chain, at that time